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Polaroid Pictures

The scope of digital technology has made many things obsolete, from traditional black-and-white film to the homemade cassette mixtape, but it also prevents them from ever disappearing completely.  

We are surrounded by relics of the past, from ancient civilizations’ buildings rising majestically over modern cities to music that fell out of popularity generations ago.

We may have moved on in many ways, but we are also drawn to these old things and find ways to reuse them or reinterpret them. The same is true of art. 

There have been many art trends that were once very popular and fell out of favor with the passing of time, only to be revived in recent years. The following are some examples:

Film Photography: The advent of affordable medium-format digital cameras and the resurgence of classic film stocks from brands such as Fuji, Kodak, and Ilford means that aspiring photographers have more choices than ever before.

Polaroids: Remember the polaroid? It still exists, and it’s just as popular now as ever. From the newly redesigned Pop Shot Instant Camera to Amazon sellers specializing in Polaroid film, there are plenty of resources available for anyone who wants to go old school with their instant photography.

Screen-Printed Textiles: Yes, even in the digital age of Etsy and Zazzle, there’s still a vibrant market for screen-printed T-shirts.

Practical Special Effects: In the past, special effects were too expensive and time-consuming to be utilized outside of blockbuster movies. Now, special effects have turned to the art world and are experiencing a rebirth.

Sign Painting: While the craft of sign painting was already on its last legs a generation ago, the combination of affordable software and hardware makes it possible to design your own signs from home.

Mail Art: The Internet has allowed art to transcend physical limitations, opening up thousands of new opportunities for artists. Mail art is still big, and the digital market has helped bring a rebirth.

Cadmium Pigment:  While the chemical cadmium is no longer used by artists, its distinctive orange-red tone was a mainstay in printmaking in the 20th century. 

With so many older art forms making a comeback, you never know what you will see pop up in pop culture next!