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Aside from writing, it’s also essential that you invest in yourself to become a successful author. There are so many resources and tools that you can use to help you become a better writer, but which ones are worth your time and money?

Below you’ll find a list of some of the best online resources available to writers. These resources are designed to help writers improve their skills and efficiency. Ideally, these resources will help you up your writing game.

Create If Writing

Create If Writing helps writers develop their marketing and promotional strategies. It will also cover the various rules of Amazon’s book publishing system and give you a deeper understanding of Facebook algorithms.


One of the best tools for writers is Scrivener, a word processor that can help keep your writing organized. This tool is for you if you’re having difficulty keeping all of your writing organized.


The editors of Hiveword, who have over 40,000 articles, have created a user-friendly search tool to help you find the most relevant articles. They also have a novel organizer tool to help you organize your writing scenes and characters.

The Novel Writing Roadmap

The Novel Writing Roadmap aims to help new writers develop a more structured approach to writing a novel. It’s designed for writers who are new to the genre or would like to try a more traditional writing method. With 16 steps, each of which has its informative article, the roadmap will help writers achieve their goals.

Poets & Writers

Besides having access to various databases such as literary magazines and small presses, Poets & Writers also has a community of writers actively sharing their advice and knowledge.


Many writers are fans of ProWritingAid, as it can help correct grammar and spelling and give an in-depth analysis of writing styles. This helps to improve skills and create more effective writers.

Elizabeth Spann Craig

 Best-selling author Elizabeth Spann Craig is known for her highly successful mystery series, which include the Southern Quilting, the Village Library, and the Myrtle Clover mysteries. She also regularly shares her advice and knowledge through her blog and her Twitter links.