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When artists use their work to promote social justice, the movement grows more quickly and gains more ground. Artists have a unique ability to spread their message over a wide area. 

They can create images that speak directly to people yet are expressive enough for anyone and everyone to understand them. When an artist speaks, they speak for the human race, and when a message is shared by more people it simply grows bigger and spreads further.

Many artists have spoken out to promote social justice. The following are some artists you won’t want to miss.


The elusive street artist Banksy, who often hides his identity from the public to protect himself and reveal a sense of mystery about him, often expresses solidarity with those fighting for racial equality with unexpected public art pieces.

Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami is an artist from Japan, and he created a limited-edition print series that was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. The prints will be on sale at an exhibition at Gagosian Gallery.

Lauren Tsai

Artist Lauren Tsai has released limited-edition “Break From the System” prints to support Black Lives Matter. 

Lauren’s work promotes a message that many find important and she hopes her efforts will make an impact, even if it is just one person who sees something in their life change because of this campaign.

Rannel Ngumuya

Rannel Ngumuya’s work is a powerful tribute to the fight for justice and memory of George Floyd.

Rateliff dropped his “Revolution 2020” piece, dedicated to the memories of George Floyd as well as fighting against injustice in our society.

Emilia Wild Olsen

Emilia Wild Olsen is an artist who has been using her platform to inspire change. For a contribution of at least $50 to those who have been hurt by police brutality, Olsen is sending small original drawings.

This list is just a few of the many artists who have used their work to promote social justice. There are plenty of other artists who have made a difference in promoting social action and fighting injustice in our society, and their impact is making a difference worldwide.