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Museums around the world offer more than famous paintings and sculptures; you can find museums about movies, taxidermy, and more. Some of the most unusual museums offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Take a look at some of the most unique museums in the world.

  1. Merry Cemetery, Maramures, Romania

This museum in Romania features over 1000 tombstones that are colorful. They are covered in cartoon drawings and poems, and the epitaphs are hand carved. They were made by the sculptor Dumitru Pop Tincu, and they are a tradition for the villagers in north Romania. You will find this cemetery 360 miles from Bucharest, but it is a unique experience.

  1. Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia

This museum is full of items donated by people with broken hearts. It started as a traveling exhibit, but today it sits in the baroque Kulmer Palace. You can see many objects that are symbols of broken hearts, including wedding dresses, letters, and more. They love to hear new stories, so you can share yours while you are there.

  1. The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, London, UK

When you visit this museum, you will see bizarre exhibits. It is a cocktail bar full of unique items, such as mermaid skeletons or mummified fairies. You will find it on Hackney’s Mare Street in East London, and you can see a combination of curiosities such as two-headed kittens, bizarre taxidermy, and art that is made from human hair. This museum was started by the pataphysicist Viktor Wynd, and it is worth a visit.

  1. The Phallological Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland

This museum has the largest collection of phallic symbols in the world. It is in Reykjavik, Iceland, and you will find more than 215 penis parts from all over the world. This includes a polar bear, seals, and many other mammals, as well as a human representation.

  1. David Hasselhoff Museum, Berlin, Germany

David Hasselhoff is an icon in Germany because he filmed one of his songs, “Looking for Freedom,” as he was hovering over the Berlin Wall. They made a museum that is dedicated to his movie roles from the ’80s, and you will find his Baywatch lifeguard uniform and memorabilia from Knight Rider.