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Many people think that they aren’t artistic because they aren’t good at drawing or painting. However, reading is a form of art. You need to use similar skills because you bring a story to life in your mind as you read it. People always perceive the story differently, depending on their own imagination. The events may be the same, but you create your version of the setting. Take a look at ways that reading is a form of art.

  1. You Fill in the Gaps

An author can’t include every little detail. In fact, they leave many parts of the story open for you to fill in the blanks. They may give a general description of the characters, but when you read, you make the characters come to life. When you read, you are drawing on your own experiences to fill in these gaps, and you imagine the details, the clothing, and more.

  1. You Choose the Books You Read

When you choose books to read, you draw on past experiences. You may listen to recommendations or look for your favorite authors, but you use intention when you read. This is the same way that artists create their art. They draw on their experiences when they explore topics.

  1. Reading Is Collaborative

When you read, you collaborate with others. You find out what they thought about the book, and you share your opinions. You may join book clubs where you share your thoughts about the book. Artists also collaborate by working together and learning from one another. They have mentors, other artists, and more.

  1. You Critique the Books

When you read a book, you critique it. You talk about how you felt, whether it moved you, and the part of the story that meant the most. You can often provide insight into the book that is helpful for the author. This is also true of artists, as they look for feedback from their exhibits. They often critique their work and add to their art. As a reader, you can inspire the author through your feedback.