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Paint Brushes

You may have had an art appreciation or art history class in school, but are you sure you know the whole story behind some of art’s greatest minds? 

Here are seven artists you probably didn’t learn about in school:

  1. Marsden Hartley

Marsden Hartley is an unfortunately unknown artist who was born in Maine. A contemporary of Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc, Hartley made his way to Berlin after learning at the Cleveland School of Art. One reason he may not be well-known is due to his dabbling in Nazism.

  1. Marie-Eleonore Godefroid

Marie-Eleonore Godefroid was the daughter of a well-known French painter who devoted her life to painting portraits. She left behind a potentially famous art academy career to paint for noblemen and their families, but not before having several paintings hung at the Louvre centuries ago.

  1. Juan Gris

Gris was one of the most influential artists in Cubism, a style that he experimented with and made his own. His work is more textural than Picasso’s. 

This makes for an interesting take on this experimental art movement, but it also may be why some people overlook him.

  1. Lonnie Holley

Lonnie Holley, an outsider artist of Southern post-war American art, is characterized by a dynamic presence that has been aggravating to the establishment. 

Considered an “outsider” in his own time and often overlooked for not going through formal training or schooling at any point in his life, Lonnie Holley still creates various mediums.

  1. Charles and Maurice Prendergast

The Post-Impressionist brothers Charles and Maurice Prendergast are significant in the school of painting that is often overshadowed by the European painting powerhouses of Monet, Cezanne. 

However these two have more than just a passing interest to them – they were both contemporaries as well!

  1. Angelica Kauffmann

Angelica Kauffman, the daughter of a prominent painter and his assistant herself, would be exposed to Renaissance masters at an early age. Kauffmann followed in her father’s footsteps – eventually being noticed by early neoclassical artists.

  1. Fede Galizia

Fede Galizia was a pioneer of still-life painting. Her style would be emulated by artists across the world for years, but her perfectly composed paintings wouldn’t see popular acclaim until decades after her death in 1630. 

These artists, while not well-known or appearing in your favorite art history books, have left a mark on the industry. Take some time to look at their individual styles that helped shape the world of art!