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Art And Social Media

The world of art has been around for thousands of years, but the advent of social media in the past decade has changed art forever. 

From blogs to Twitter, Facebook to Instagram, social media has transformed the way people experience and interact with art. With the ability to post and reach a global market, new artists find social media to be a great way to gain notoriety. 

Here are a few ways social media has impacted how we experience art.

  1. Artists Reach Their Audience Immediately

As soon as an artist posts a piece of work online, fans and art aficionados alike are able to “like” and comment on it immediately. This instantaneous interaction makes the art experience incredibly interactive and real-time.

  1. Social Media Makes Art Part of Everyday Life

Social media has changed the way people live their lives, and art is no exception. Modern artists use hashtags to get noticed on Instagram, Facebook pages to reach global audiences, and Twitter accounts to keep their followers up-to-date on everything they do or create.

  1. Social Media Puts Art in Our Hands More Quickly 

Whether magazines or other printed forms used to be the primary way people got access to new artwork, social media has changed this dynamic. Now, social media has made it possible for people worldwide to gain access to new artwork immediately. 

  1. Social Media Helps You Avoid Gallery Commissions

With social media, independent artists can build their own following and sell art directly to their audience. This helps many artists avoid the high costs of gallery commissions and get their work in the hands of those who love it.

  1. Social Media Changes How Art Is Made

Social media is also changing how artists make art. Many artists find inspiration from social media, using everything from YouTube videos to Instagram photos as fodder for their creative works. For others, social media captures moments they want

  1. Social Media Introduces the Work of New Generation Artists

Using social media as a platform for self-promotion, emerging artists can gain a global audience despite not having an agent or gallery backing them. 

With social media, artists find new ways to interact with their audience, reach more people and create work that captures the imagination. Who knows what the future holds next for cultural expression?