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Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual art has been rising steadily in popularity in the past few decades; it involves using virtual reality (VR) technology to immerse viewers in the art, and occasionally, allow them to change and interact with the piece as though they are a part of it. While some find it controversial — is it really art?–– virtual art is a way to blur the lines between art and its viewer and take art to a new level.

What Is Virtual Art?

Virtual art is art that is created with the help of tools such as virtual reality software and hardware to immerse the viewer inside of a piece. These pieces are interactive and very personal, often evoking stronger connections than static visual art.

Virtual artworks can almost be perceived as a different reality; they blur the lines between art, artist, and art observer by allowing viewers to control and interact with what’s in front of them, finding their own path through the artwork.

A History of Virtual Art

Virtual art was established in the 1990s, when creators started having access to virtual reality technology, holography, and most importantly, the Internet. The first ever virtual reality installation was The Tunnel Under the Atlantic by Maurice Benayoun, which was first displayed in 1995.

The outside of the piece was a metal tube that appeared as though it was partially dug into the ground. Inside, the tunnel was filled with a variety of recognizable cultural images from Montreal and Paris, as well as connections to their peers on the other side of the Atlantic.

Modern Virtual Art and its Relevance

In the 21st century, virtual art has continued to be a fixture on the modern art scene. Advancements in VR technology have made the medium more immersive and more accessible, leading to several prominent VR installations in the past decade.

VR art installations allow viewers to step inside an artist’s point of view, making them perfect for personal pieces such as memoirs, social justice pieces, or historical pieces. As VR technology improves, there’s no telling how many more incredible installations we’ll see coming out of this scene.